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Vipers Look Back At '06

October 6, 2006

The Vipers open league team became the third members of the Vipers Soccer club out of Oakville and was placed in the BSL second division as a new team for the 2006 season.

Most of this team came from an old Oakville rep team coached by Adam Smith and had played together since the early age of 14 yrs old. Now in their early 20ís most of the lads had gone off to university and/or started work, but for the love of the game wanted to play together again. Some new additions were added to the squad to compliment the team.

The season started unknown to most players, with a couple of guys having played BSL in previous years, certain players and teams were known. Although we played in the second division, cross over games were part of the season which gave us some apprehension at first especially as these teams had progressed through the tables to play in the higher division. Eventually our team formation stabilized as the newcomers slotted into their various roles.

The challenge for us was on once we had reached the mid season point with only one tie and no losses under our belts. The thought of winning the league in our first year was the goal at the start of the season, but we now shifted our thoughts to could we do this and remain undefeated. The lads played well and there were no individual hot shots as the stats show; all players in the squad have scored goals this season, including the keeper who converted a penalty.

My main team philosophy in soccer was always to build around the defence. If your opponent canít score, he canít win. Of the 7 goals scored against us, 2 were own goals and 2 were penalties. This was outstanding in light of our opponents and the philosophy still stands.

As a team, we won and the bonding of the newer players to the squad was very apparent on and off the pitch. The Vipers are very proud to have achieved these records especially with some of the competition and great teams that are in these divisions. We look forward to playing next year and again thank the BSL for allowing us to do this.

Adam Smith
Vipers coach
Vipers II captain

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