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5230 South Service Road, 2nd floor
Burlington, Ont. L7L 5K2
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Home of the Gunners


  • AC Burloak defeated Bohemians 3-2 to take the Andy Murray Memorial Cup 2011. It had appeared as though AC Burloak had won quite handily taking a 3-0 lead. But the Bohemians made a match of it scoring 2 quick markers near the end of the game.
  • This was AC Burloak's first major BSL trophy.


The Burlington Soccer League is celebrating its 30th anniversary this summer. So much has changed since 1981 and yet so much has remained the same. We have players in this league who have been here since 1981 and, if their bodies will let them, I'd bet the house they'll still be here in 2031. When I was asked for a few words to mark the occasion, I didn't really know what to say. Should I talk about the dedicated members of the executive team who have volunteered countless hours - some for over 20 years every single season? Or should I focus on the League's transformation from a handful of men's teams to what has become the proud home of over 100 men's, women's and coed teams participating in both an indoor and outdoor program? Maybe I should spend some time talking about the money that our members have invested in providing permanent lights and other infrastructure at our City's pitches? I could talk about how, 10+ years after playing high school soccer in Burlington, my team still boasts over a dozen friends that played together as teenagers.

I can't drive two blocks in this city without seeing a soccer ball swinging from the rearview mirror of a car or truck. Every single time I see one, I don't think about Toronto FC or the EPL - I think about the passion that the people of Burlington have for their own league.

Congratulations and thank you to all of our dedicated members and volunteers - we couldn't have made it this far without you! Cheers to the next 30 and beyond.

Chris Roszell


  • The City of Burlington's Web Site has added a Sport Field Closures page.
  • In the event that your field's gates need to be opened or the lights turned on, please contact the Burlington Fire Department at (905) 637-8253. They will in turn contact the City of Burlington's Dispatch.

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Bohemians O30_ - _New Team FC
United Sr._ - _Firm
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