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May 1, 2012

I will make the initial President's Message as crisp as I can.

Firstly, I think we all owe a great debt to Chris Roszell who now becomes Past President. His energy, enthusiasm and accomplishments in his time as President are well appreciated by everyone involved in the league. Over 2000 people, including the Executive Committee, look to the President for leadership and it can be a time consuming, draining responsibility. Chris stepped up and took the reins during a difficult time for the BSL: rising user fees, a growing membership, the on-boarding of an Operations team and the evolution into a 12 month operation were significant challenges. And, led by Chris, the Executive Committee and our operating partners, LSGM, have moved the BSL one step closer to the professional level of management a league of this size and stature requires.

The next step is to transition to professional management of the BSL. I firmly believe, as many do, that this league can no longer operate efficiently on a part-time basis. We have struggled for many years with the workload of operating the league and the challenges mount as each season passes. Our service partners operate during business hours; so must we. We need to revamp our payments processes, communications delivery and income strategies. We need to do these and other things to compete with other leagues for sponsorship, officials, registration pricing and so forth. So 2012 will be a year of transition for the BSL following which LSGM will manage the business and operational functions of the BSL and the members will simply do what most interests them - play.

There are two primary objectives that the Executive Committee will focus on. The first, and it will always be first, is to provide value for money for the members of the BSL. Specifically, the strategy will be to hold the price you pay to play where it is for as long as is feasible while holding the number of games you get for your money constant. Not an easy deliverable. The second is to ensure that the membership continues to have a strong voice in the management of the BSL. In this regard there will continue to be a representative committee.

As the season progresses we will post clear updates to the BSL website. In the meantime, we are mere weeks away from the first whistle. On behalf of the Executive Committee I would like to wish you an enjoyable and successful season in which every player you encounter embodies the spirit of fair play that is the heart of the BSL.

Les Bell