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BSL 2015 - Carried Over Suspensions

These are suspensions that were issued in 2014 and must be served during the 2015 season.
Players who are suspended must not play until they serve their suspension as listed.

PlayerTeamCarried Over to 2015
Rochester LewisDecebalus11 Games
Sean PottsHam City3 Games
Marc PepitasSeagulls3 Games
Darren JackEastendters Sr.3 Games
Raul CristalesAC Burham3 Games
Mirko Batageli Classics 1 Game
Joseph Bilotta MCM 3 Games
Gustavo Gutierrez Decebalus 3 Games
Prosenjit Bose Eastenders Sr. 1 Game
John Bridge Coachman Sr. 1 Game
Steve Carvalho Clash 3.0 1 Game
Andrew Hayward Eurostars 1 Game
Simon Kay Colts 1 Game
Veljko Lavrnic Cracovia 1 Game
John Moynihan Spurs 1 Game
Lester Rosales AC Burham 1 Game
Beni Klaman GTFC 1 Game
Matt Horbacz Clash FC 2 Games