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Dear Valued Member of the Burlington Soccer League,

By now you are aware that BSL has been denied access to Burlington Youth Soccer Club’s (BYSC) domes in our regular timeslots this coming Fall. BYSC’s rationale is that the domes belong to them and they shall be running their own adult programs in those timeslots starting in October. BSL is not the only Burlington soccer fraternity that has been displaced and BSL is allied with other community adult soccer groups to combat what we believe is an attempt by BYSC to disable our successful programs and capture our membership to populate their own programs.

Here is an update on where we stand:

  • BSL has been denied all prime time timeslots in all domes by BYSC and has been offered vastly inferior timeslots in which to run our programs. BSL has not taken up any of these timeslots.
  • We firmly believe that, as an original provider of funding when BYSC was negotiating with the city to build dome 2, that BYSC has acted in bad faith towards us.
  • Further, we believe BYSC has ignored the Allocation Policy of the City of Burlington wherein a facility user wishing to continue its programs should be offered the same timeslots as it has built its programming around. We see this also as a further breach of good faith towards a loyal customer in good standing.
  • BSL will not be running programs in the Sherwood domes this Fall.
  • BSL is working with other facilities and expect to have good news very shortly. Please note, Burlington Soccer League WILL be running indoor programs this Fall and Winter.
  • We have also joined the newly formed Burlington Soccer Consortium (BWRSL,BOTSC &BLSL) in order to bring our concerns about BYSC’s business practices to the attention of city councillors and other key parties. BSL’s Executive Team will keep you apprised of developments in that regard.
What are we asking?

Clearly this has an impact on everyone playing indoor soccer in our Fall and Winter programs. Sherwood Forest is a very handy facility and the news that we have been displaced has been a difficult problem to tackle. However, in order to overcome this loss, we need (and are calling for) your direct support, as follows:
  • We request that, however great the temptation and however convenient the location, you do not sign up for BYSC’s adult programs this Fall and Winter.
  • We request that you continue to enjoy your winter soccer as part of BSL as we WILL be bringing you a full Fall/Winter schedule and are very close to locking down facilities.
  • If you have questions, concerns and/or comments please respond to your Executive Committee at this email id: exec@burlingtonsoccerleague.ca
Final word.

Since 2009, you – the membership of BSL - have participated in our indoor programs to the tune of over $500,000 dollars (paid in rental fees to BYSC for use of the domes). This was your money.


As a reward for being such an excellent customer, you, the player, have been summarily thrown off the weekly timeslot that you have come to rely on. Make no mistake, BYSC is clearly hoping that you will take the easy route and join their identical program, one that will be operated in the timeslot that has been denied to you as a member of BSL. BSL has always believed in partnership with BYSC and has been a key customer, keeping the domes full for many years, so this type of customer service is offensive to the values we hold dear in the BSL. Thus we are asking for your loyalty for the coming indoor season – and that you boycott BYSC’s adult programs across the board...even though it means the domes will sit empty while we play elsewhere.

This will show BYSC that they are attempting to fill a need in adult soccer that, in Burlington, does not exist.

Thank you,
The Executive Committee
Burlington Soccer League


The Burlington Soccer League and Burlington Oldtimers Soccer CLub (BOTSC)are jointly hosting a tournament in memory of Ken Bradwell. The all day tournament is Saturday September 2 at Brant Hills Park.

Ken was a fixture in local soccer community for over 30 years. The BSL and BOTSC owe Ken a debt of gratitutde. The 2 clubs are what they are today, due in part to Ken's efforts.
Please click HERE to get full tournament details and a great background segment (with photos) on Ken.

Any funds raised by the tournament will be donated to the Joseph Brant and Oakville Trafalger Hospitals for a patient Room and cardiovascular equipment.

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