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Open Age Premier Division

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Team Discipline - Upcoming Hearings

No Players Scheduled for Upcoming Hearings

Note: For hearings, players or a representative must appear in person.
For discipline reviews, it is not necessary for players to attend the hearing.

Team Discipline - Suspensions

Suspension Date Player Name OffenceOSA Ref. Suspension
May 04-Thu Eric Denninger Carried from 2016 2 Games
Jul 17-Mon Sean Streit Using offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures directed at the game official(s) 1.16 3 Games
Aug 24-Thu Lucas Harper 3rd Caution 1.3 1 Game
Aug 28-Mon Tom Petrovic Receiving a second caution in the same game for which neither of the cautions was directed at the game official(s) 1.13 1 Game
Sep 02-Sat Cole Greco 3rd Caution 1.3 1 Game
Sep 10-Sun Lucas Harper 5th Caution 1.5 2 Games
Sep 28-Thu Lucas Harper 6th Caution and any Subsequent Caution 1.6 3 Games