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Sherwood Soccer Facility Proposal

November 22, 2009

As you are all aware by now the GTA won the Pan Am games for 2015 and Burlington is slated for soccer and a couple of other sports. The proposal right now is to develop Sherwood into a proper Soccer facility which incorporates a 1500 permanent seating field. Unfortunately for Burlington residents your councellors (especially in the ward that encompasses Sherwood Forest Park) are now deliberately misleading their constituents and telling people that this will be a 10000 seater.... Well yes it will FOR TWO WEEKS of the games and then the 8500 temporary seats will be removed.

The BSL's work with the BYSC over the last few years convinced the city that we could put on a "good show" which is why they put a bid package together. It is worth $20M to Burlington's sports infrastructure which council are happy to hand over to Oakville if they turn this down. This money is already allocated by government and will not cost tax payers a cent!!! It will however generate millions in tourism and all associated income of such an event.

There is a petition calling for the plan to go ahead and we would ask you all to participate and sign up. We need 5000 signatures for the end of the month so it's a tall order. There should be an online version available soon as well but for now PLEASE if you can spare a couple of minutes go to the dome or the BYSC office and ask the staff there for the petition and get your team mates to sign as well.

This project is important for soccer in Burlington. It means the improvement of facilities that we are all asking for. Some of us may be coming toward the end of our playing days but this is OUR LEGECY to the city. If for no other reason let's do it for your kids or grandkids.

We need as many people who support the "beautiful game" as possible in whatever capacity to put pen to paper in support of this project to either write to your councellor especially if you live in the Sherwood ward and or get to the dome and sign the petition with as many of your team mates as possible.

Below is the link to the city plan. We are looking at OPTION 2 NOT as these wayward councellors would have you believe Option 3.


The meeting to decide the success or failure of this venture will be in chambers on December 9th. We MUST have a show support there. You can bet the NO side will have people there.

We need bodies and we need speakers so please if you can stand up and say a few words of support it will help the cause tremendously. Each person wishing to speak gets 10 minutes and must be listened to. With enough people there we could keep the meeting going for hours in our own "filibuster". We all know that we have in our midst some people of great oratory ability so please lets encourage them to be there. We as a league will be asking someone to speak but that will carry no or very little weight...... of course the club will speak in support. It is the members who carry the weight. It is you we need to speak up. It is you we need to champion the cause. Please, if you believe in this project get involved.

Petition: Pan Am Games - A golden opportunity for Burlington

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