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5230 South Service Road, 2nd floor
Burlington, Ont. L7L 5K2
Martin (905) 334-3166 | Tony (416) 557-6070

Welcome to the Burlington Soccer League 2005.

Ever wanted to be German?

Here is your big chance - Burlington's first annual Oktoberfest!!! October 15th, doors open at 5 p.m., Burlington Senior Centre on New Street.


BSL Championship Sunday

October 2, 2005 - Ireland Park

Ireland A
11:00am - Over-41 Final
1:00pm - Over-34 Division 1 Final
3:00pm - Open Age Premier Final

Ireland B
12:00pm - Over-34 Division 2 Final
2:00pm - Open Age Division 1 & 2 Final

Open Age League Winners Crowned

The Rovers have Successfully defended their league cup trophy, winning the 2005 Open Age Premier Division. Winning their second championship of the year, the Rovers push for the triple-crown.

In the 2005 Open Age Division 1, Forest are the league champions. Forest F.C. have been promoted to the Premier Division for the 2006 season.


Lokomotiv Hosts Successful Event for Canadian Cancer Society

The Railwaymen from Lokomotiv hosted the successful 'Charity Texas Hold-Em' poker tourney August 20, 2005. Prizes were donated by many companies and individuals including the Hamilton Ti-Cats and the Toronto Lynx. The total raised from the event, towards Cancer Research, was $910.

Find out more at www.loko-oakville.com!

The new season is upon us, and I look forward to another successful BSL season, one in which sportsmanship prevails, and hopefully a reversal in the rising trend of cards. Please emphasize the need for cooler heads and quiet acceptance of the officials decisions, even though your players may not agree with the call, yelling and swearing will not get anyone anywhere, except before Ian and his discipline committee. I cannot emphasize enough the need to respect the officials in charge of our games, regardless of how you or your team personally feel the game is being officiated, no one should be subjected to name calling, being sworn at, crowded around, jostled or abused either verbally or physically at any game involving players registered with our league. Lets abide by, and play the game in accordance with the leagues Code of Conduct and with a very high level of sportsmanship. No one in our league makes a living playing this game we all love, and we all have to go to work on Monday morning.

Good luck to all for a great 2005 season.

Colin Parker
President, BSL