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5230 South Service Road, 2nd floor
Burlington, Ont. L7L 5K2
Martin (905) 334-3166 | Tony (416) 557-6070

October 16, 2007:

  • In the Women's final Raiders beat Rebels.
  • Shockers beat Dynamic FC in Div 1/2 Open.
  • And in a tense playoff overtime thriller Stunners upset the Rovers 2-1 with a goal in the last minute of extra time.
  • Thanks to you all for making this a great season! Hope to see you all next year. Martin

Congratulations to Lakers who clinched the Premier League title on the last day.

September 16, 2007:

  • Congratulations to Shockers FC for their title winning performance this season to take Division 2.
  • Vipers completed a 1 - 2 step up to the Premier Division taking the First Division title and Second Division title in two straight years.
  • The Premier Division will be decided on the last day of the season, Sept 23rd.
  • The Rebels clinched a second straight title in the Womens Division.
  • Congratulations to all!

21 Clubs suspension-free, thus far in '07.

Congratulations to Intercity beating Lakers 2 - 1 in the AMMC Final and putting a new name on the Trophy.

The Burlington Soccer League welcomes 10 new clubs for 2007. Read more...

The BSL has now published the 2007 BSL Constitution and related Appendices. Please note that, each team is required to provide the following:

  • a regulation net
  • game ball and
  • 2 corner flags for each game.

Reminder: Should a player's registration be challenged, each convenor must ensure that appropriate identification, as outlined in the BSL Constitution and related Appendices (E), be readily available.

Meet the new 2007 BSL Executive Team.

Congratulations to the following teams in the 2006 season:

  • Classics - Over 34 Division 1 - Won their division second year in a row, the league cup and the playoffs.
  • Lakers - Winning 2006 Open age Premier League
  • Rovers - Winning the 2006 AMMC Cup

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Sun, Oct 14 2007 Finals Day

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